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Packing Tips & Tricks


Ease the Burden of Moving

The prospect of moving is always exciting until the packing starts. Here are a few simple tricks you can use to ease the burden of packing.
Think of what you will need in advance. Pack an overnight bag with an extra set of clothes and toiletries to ensure you have everything you need for a first night’s stay in your new home. Pack a box filled with more necessities such as box cutters, tools, trash bags, paper plates, napkins, soap, and toilet paper. This will eliminate the need to open every box looking for these items and making runs to the store.
When it comes to packing your home, be sure to mark every box by room. Pack and unpack room by room to ensure the process stays organized.
Save money on packing supplies by using old boxes that are still in good condition. Wrap breakable items in old, clean clothing rather than purchase bubble wrap, old shirts will make for great rags to clean up your new home. Insert old socks into glass cups to provide extra protection.
Take a photo of all of your electronics or other items that have to be set-up a certain way before disassembling them. It is an easy way to remember how they are supposed to be connected.
If possible, clean your new home ahead of time starting with the kitchen and bathrooms. These are the two rooms you will use most upon first moving in.

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