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Moving from the Big City to the Sunshine State

miami skyline

New York to Florida

Moving from one state to another is an extremely exciting endeavor. Sometimes people tend to talk themselves out of a move like this because they are simply unaware of the great things their new state has to offer. For instance, what could Florida have that New York City does not? Here is a list of all Florida has to offer its new residents.

Reasons to Move to Florida

Weather is one of the main reasons people flock to Florida. While those in New York are battling major snow storms, Floridians are strolling along in shorts.

Landscapes of Florida are second to none. Drive around Florida long enough and you will catch a glimpse of stunning beaches, marshland, and hidden springs. Every day can show you a new world.

Attractions and Entertainment are abundant in Florida. Visit Disneyworld to relive your childhood or take in a Miami Heat game if you are a basketball fan.

Great Food is always a plus when moving to a new place. New residents will find amazing Cuban food and other classic Floridian food. Wait until you try the Key Lime pie.

These are only a few reasons to make the move to the sunshine state. If you are ready to make the move then look to All Around Moving for all the logistics. Our moving company ensures all of your furniture and belongings arrive at your new location safe and sound.