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Posted in miscellaneous, Movers, Pets

Moving and you need to travel with your pet

Moving is stressful and if you have pets, even more, but let us take care of the Moving part while you make the necessary preparations for your pet(s). 

Moving during the summer can be challenging thanks to temperature related restrictions and a higher volume of travelers, but with the right planning, you and your pet can enjoy smooth sailing.


According to your pet’s breed research the airlines and find out which preparations you’ll need to make. Some airlines offer options if your pet is not able to travel in the aircraft cabin with you. We’ve included a few major airlines and their traveling with pets page for your information:

American Airlines  –   United   –   Jet Blue   –  Delta


Travel Kennel

Ventilation and comfort are key when it comes to creating a positive travel experience for your pet, so choose the right one. Choosing the right pet travel kennel is one of the most important parts of setting yourself up for a safe, smooth pet travel. 

Here´s a diagram that will help you choose the best one for your pet:



If your pet is able to travel the airline will ask for a Health certificate. Make sure to visit the Vet and get a clean bill of health.




Some pets can benefit from a haircut before traveling, especially during the summer, but some others won´t. Again, talk to your vet and do some research to make sure you’re making the best pre-travel decision.


Stay Flexible

Summer is a busier time for travel, so be prepared to face delays, last-minute changes and other unexpected plot twists. As everything in life, make sure you have a Plan B, and even a Plan C.


If you are cross-country moving let us help you Take a Load Off! 

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