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Wow, wow, wow….. If you did like many people in the East Coast did. Turn off the TV as soon as you heard La La land won Best Picture.  Well, it turned out that the ¨wrong¨envelope was given, and Moonlight was the ACTUAL winner.

Yup, that actually happened and many missed it, to be fair it was really late! 


The Oscars were not watched by many since it seems there was some sort of protest against it, but we are sure many are now regretting not having tuned in for the #envelopegate 

We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you our latest video production and hopefully you’ll enjoyed reading about a few of our customer reviews. 


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Is it me or is February flying??

We would like to wish you all a very Happy Valentine´s Day. If you are single, divorce, or married. We hope you spend some time with loved ones. With that being said, we would like to introduce you to the new addition to the family.




His name is Bond, James Bond. 

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Yay, February is HERE!! 


Sorry for the late post but just getting around to it. First thing is first, who watched the Super Bowl? What happened last night?? That was one of the best Super Bowls we’ve ever seen. We were rooting for the Falcons, but we have to give credit where credit is due. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PATRIOTS! 

P.S: What about that 84 Lumber Ad (watch the ad here) 

Second, did you know that Feb 4th was World Cancer Day? We didn´t, and it´s a shame that such an important cause gets lost in the ¨Media.¨ Let´s keep this date in mind for next year and hopefully we can bring more awareness to this.

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